Our Workshops

  • Legoland:

We allow creativity and imagination to take over, our students are divided in to groups and are asked to carry out a task each week using Lego houses, castles and whatever the theme may be that week. This combines fun with teamwork.

  • Young entrepreneurs:

Children are introduced to various professions. Through presentation and interactive activities, it is their first insight into the working world.

  • YoungArtists:

Our young students learn the history and various techniques of painting, getting to know it through the works of great artists. They become young artists by capturing their imaginations on paper and creating their own works of art. Thus, children begin to express themselves creatively and learn about themselves both on a practical and emotional level, as well as how to control their movements and coordinate their minds.

  • Actors in Action:

Through theatrical play and improvisation, children learn to express themselves and communicate. Theater exercises (expressive, confidence, speech and vocal) combined with theater theory and various games help children gain theater training and direct their own stories on a journey of self-expression and imagination.

  • Let’s Dance:

An opportunity for children to discover different types of dance. Dance gives flexibility and teaches the child correct posture, improving their balance. But in addition to its contribution to the physical development of children, it also offers a lot to the formation of their character, such as strengthening their sociability and self-confidence.

  • Master Chef Junior:

Children learn about ingredients, get in touch with the art of cooking and baking, and experiment by making their own recipes step by step. In this workshop we talk about healthy eating, learn how to eat properly, play nutritional games and learn about taste preferences of different countries.

  • Young Athletes:

Together with our young athletes, we get to know sports around the world with the help of gymnastics and get a taste of how they are played. The goal of the workshop is for our young friends to learn and understand the importance of exercise and fitness in their lives. Through the principles of healthy competition and cooperation we learn to have fun and create relationships of mutual respect with the opponent.

  • “Once upon a time…”:

Through reading children’s literature, children travel with their imagination, discover new worlds and build their educational level. With the appropriate educational guidance, they learn to use, develop and present speech correctly.

  • Time for Popcorn:

Children watch a suitable children’s film selected by their teachers, traveling through the magical world of the seventh art. After the film is over, they discuss what they got from watching it and draw a picture related to the film.

  • Arts and Crafts:

When children create, all their senses work together. Through arts and crafts they come into contact with various materials and textures and understand their differences. Engaging in this art contributes to the development of creativethinking since our young creators with imagination as an ally plan an action and predict its results. In addition, it boosts their confidence and helps them express themselves creatively. Especially through group word, our children learn to share responsibilities and cooperate to achieve the desired result.

  • Learn by playing/educational games:

The correct games help inspire thinking, character and the psyche. Cooperation and teamwork are necessary skills, as are sharing responsibilities and following the rules of the game.

  • The world is cool:

Through games and fun facts, children “travel” to cities and countries, get to know nature, animals, climate and natural phenomena.

  • True stories:

Children learn the meanings behind fairy tales, behind important figures and important events.

  • Morfosi Fitness Club:

An opportunity for students to discover the body, muscles and parts of the brain whilst keeping it fun. Come and work out with us!

  • The Diary of a HERO:

Students learn to protect themselves and those around them from natural phenomena and from incidents of bullying, violence and personal boundaries. At the end of the workshop, students create their own diary, which they can refer to at any time and help themselves in any situation.

  • Young Einsteins (E=mc2):

Children approach the sciences of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The workshop consists of math’s games, skill games and competitions in teams.

  • Morfosi MultiGames:

Children develop the concept of teamwork, through entertainment, playing famous TV games (Wheel of Fortune, Rook Zook, etc.)