After school Study group

Primary school study group:
Educational program for school homework.

At Morfosi we have created a workshop for homework. It is a program where students (4 students per teacher) in a single
2-hour study program, do their homework for school, with the help of experienced teachers. Teachers provide children
with additional learning materials to help them answer any questions they may have and strengthen their educational
The goal of the program is for our students to learn to get in to a routine of doing their homework, so that they can
lay a solid foundation for their future educational path. Children develop their time management skills by completing
their homework within the allocated time, thus allowingmore time for the rest of their activities and, of course, for
play which is necessary at these ages.
Parents also benefit from this because it allows them to spend more time with their children doing creative fun
activities. Parents value this part of our program and enhances their commitment to us.