Educational Programs

What does Morfosi offer?

Morfosis Program is meticulously planned out to give kids of all ages the right foundations.


Having 16 workshops Morfosi strives to provide kids with the best knowledge possible. Our intention is for kids to learn useful skills through play.

Summer Fun

Summer Fun is our summer program for creative activities. It starts at the end of the school year, in June and lasts until the end of July, opening hours 08:00 – 16:00.


We implement an educational Robotics program with the use of Lego Mindstroms EV3 for fifth and sixth graders and WeDo 2.0 for students from nursery to fourth grade.

After school study group

Study group is a program where students (4 students per teacher) in a 2-hour daily study program, do their homework for school, with the help of experienced teachers.

Parents' Meetings

Morfosi Evosmou – Polichnis, in collaboration with psychologist Mr. Manolis Zougos, specialising in Parental Counseling and Adult Psychotherapy with an MSc in Social and Clinical Addiction Psychology of the University of Athens, hold educational meetings for parents with toddlers to teenagers.


In order to strengthen our children’s relationship with reading, children have the opportunity to borrow a book from our library every Friday to accompany them in their free time.