About Us

About us

Μorfosi was established in 2015. It is one of the first private Centers for creative, recreational and educationalactivities for children in Thessaloniki and in Greece in general. It operates in the Polichni and Evosmos areas.

From day one, at Morfosi we developed an innovative fun educational program, aiming toutilise the free time of our young students (children aged 5 to 12 years) beyond school hours and broaden their cognitive development, as we embrace that “education is the way to make better people”!

The education of our young students is our priority, which is why our children come into contact with a large number of activities through our age-separated workshops, which contribute to each and every one of them getting to know their inclinations and themselves. In addition, through the themed weeks of our program, our children have the opportunity to gradually get to know the world!

An important role in this is played by our staff, which consists of experienced and qualified educators with love for children and a willingness to guide them with patience and safety through the paths of creative expression and knowledge.
Morfosi paves the way to education!