Parents’ Meetings

Morfosi Evosmou – Polichnis, in collaboration with the psychologist Mr. Manolis Zougos, specialised in Parental Counseling and Adult Psychotherapy with an MSc in Social and Clinical Addiction Psychology of the University of Athens, hold educational meetings for parents with toddlersto teenagers.
In a friendly environment and with the help of our qualified psychologist, who coordinates the group, each parent has the opportunity to express their opinions, listen to the experiences of other parents and at the same time get information about recent developments in child psychology.
The meetings are held:

Once a month, and last one and a half hours, participation is free. Each meeting has a specific theme and is shaped according to the needs and interests of the parents. Once the meeting is over parents may have private discussions with Mr. Zugo.
Parents meetings aim to strengthen the role of the parent offering the necessary information to support their children. At the end of the cycle of meetings, the main goals are:

  • To be informed about the basic developmental issues of childhood.
  • To utilise knowledge about managing and solving problems arising from the daily care of their children.
  • To increase their skills so that they can respond more effectively to their parental role.