Morfosi, after listening to the needs of our modern society, enables the beneficiaries of the “Harmonisation of Family and Professional Life” action program, which is carried out with the co-financing of Greece and the European Union through the ESPA, to enroll their children free of charge and make creative use of their free time through its various educational and creative workshops, making use of the “placement value” or otherwise “voucher”.
This program is primarily addressed to unemployed or working private sector mothers or people with custody of children aged 5-12, whose total family income does not exceed the amount of €36,000 (€27,000 for mothers who have up to two (2) children, €30,000 for mothers who have three (3) children, etc.).
We support parents throughout the application process, which starts around the beginning of June, informing them of the necessary supporting documents they must collect and to help them complete the relevant electronic application sent to the E.U. THE A. (Hellenic Association for Local Development and Self-Government)